Would you wear a sports bra to the gym even if you're not ripped?

We asked this question and got a variety of answers!

Show Off Your Rax is our tagline, a play on words, and we love it! Women own their bodies, their decision making, and it's time they are encouraged to own positive feelings about themselves. 

First off, let's just make it clear that everyone should be doing what's right for them and how they feel, and everyone else should be giving each person respect and consideration.

A BIG part of our Rax philosophy is body positivity. When Rax Athletic became an idea, the very first day it was discussed (the first hour really), we talked about women and how they feel, image, and body positivity. If you haven't seen our About Us page, this is what it has to say-

"Started by two women with a passion for health, fitness and positive body image RAX Athletic strives to create a product that allows people to express their unique style and a brand that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. We believe that EVERYbody is beautiful and we encourage women to embrace and be proud of their body. In a world that is hiding behind filters and photoshop we want to promote showing the world who we really are! We hope you will join us in SHOWING OFF YOUR RAX!!"

Our culture has been inundated with beauty standards for decades, and with the advent of social media it is almost impossible to escape those messages for any period of time. Those messages have been incredibly ingrained into society and have shaped the way we think, sometimes to the point of causing an unhealthy physical and mental state in women. 

And the interesting thing is that beauty is subjective! What floats one persons boat might sink another persons. And aside from physical looks, there is beauty that comes from the inside out. A beauty that is far more magical, appealing, and longer lasting. That magic comes from just being yourself.

There are some people and some looks that have a very universal appeal, and quite often these people are attractive on the inside and the outside. They have a quality that people are drawn to that is more than skin deep, and a light that shines from within. So let your light shine!

No matter what your physique, if you want to rock a sports bra alone, go for it. If you would never consider doing that, good for you! And ladies, let's support each other one hundred percent. 

You can Show Off Your Rax out right, or you can Show Off Your Rax with a tank, shirt or sweatshirt over your Rax bra. The awesome thing is that the Rax fit is so good you'll feel good no matter what you have on! You can seriously wear them all day, all week long. And that, is a beautiful thing.


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