Matching top and bottom or no?

We asked you whether you just grab what is clean and go, or whether you take the time to put together matching pieces.

The resounding reply was that most people just grab and go, taking whatever is available. No surprise there...our society tends to lead busy lives and "grab and go" is probably our stye in more than one area of life.

When it comes to what you wear, there are a few things that can keep your look more cohesive and less like you just walked out of a thrift shop. And make no mistake, we love some good thrift shop finds, we just like to keep them looking like they belong together.

First off, buy pieces that you really love. This is a wise use of resources because you'll wear what you love and feel good wearing it! We need enough articles to make it between washings, but that's it. Ask any professional stylist or organizer, you should really only have things you love.

Second, buy pieces in select color groups. If you are buying what you love, chances are you might already be doing this...but if you're like me you might love ALL the colors and have to rein it in a little bit. Take a little time to be purposeful in your shopping. This will save you time when you are rushing around trying to find clothes that work while you are getting dressed.

Third, include a few basic colors that tie everything together or go with multiple pieces. Our Rax tank tops come in colors that coordinate with our bras to complete your look, and they also come in black and white to make it easy to throw on over a variety of colors. 

No, clothes don't make the woman, but they can give an indication of how she feels about herself, and most of us want to feel good about ourselves. We are 100% for people rocking the style and look they want to wear! It's up to you. You decide the level of matching, coordinating, or creativity that suits you. 

And if you want to go with incredibly comfortable, great fitting sports bras in fun prints with complimentary pieces, we've got your covered!

Pun intended. 

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