What makes for a good sports bra?

We asked you what makes for a good sports bra, and you answered! Your opinions varied from sweat wicking to "nip" coverage, but the common re-occurring themes were comfort, support, easy to take off, and style.

When we started planning our first styles for you, we tried on dozens of bras we had owned, and we made notes of what we liked and didn't like. What worked, and what didn't work. 

And we also talked about what the term "sports bra" means nowadays. It obviously means a bra that you can do sports or workout in, but we wear our sports bras shopping, around the house, and even out at night. True story. Gone are the days of the plain straight jacket sports bra!

It quickly became clear to us that straps needed to be comfortable enough to not dig into your shoulders, but slim enough to not be bulky. That the bra band shouldn't be crushing your ribcage, and that it needed to be sized right for support. We wanted styles to be cute and fun, and we wanted to give women the opportunity to express their own style through awesome prints. Our first two prints are California Girls and Seattle Spring totally say "fun" and "soft". One for each mood. 'Cause women have a few moods (or more)!

And we knew we wanted them to be easy to put on and take off! All of our bras are designed with comfort and ease in mind, but our first and favorite style was our front close bra, Locked and Loaded. We knew that you would be with us on that one!

From the beginning, our tenets have been quality, comfort, and FUN. 

We have superior fabric that provides great comfort and fit. We have fun prints that allow you to express YOUR personality. And we have comfort that is made in the USA.

Stay tuned as we follow up with a third style that offers the type of support some people are looking for, and more prints to come!



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